4719 16th Street
Suite 1
Detroit, MI 48208
(313) 744-2009

What we do

We began small (as most things do), doing web work, making t-shirts, posters, street art, and short films. We called ourselves Detroit Lives! to honor the progress of our hometown. Following the success of our 2012 documentary “After the Factory,” we moved exclusively to creating and producing commercial content. And though we’ve grown as a company with a roster of clients across the U.S. and Europe and changed our name to Three Words, we still approach every project with the underdog spirit of our roots, tenaciously devoted to telling important stories succinctly, in unforgettable ways.

Why Three Words

Three Words can tell practically any story with both simplicity and complexity. Of course, we use more than three words. Almost every time. (We’re not fundamentalists.) But we’re inspired by the focus that the idea represents. Because we believe that getting to the heart and soul of a story is how you connect with the hearts and minds of an audience.

What we’re about

It’s a desire to find the essence of a subject, an economy of expression, that drives us in everything we make. Three Words is about telling stories, conveying emotions, broadcasting messages concisely and memorably.