Mural: Wake Up, Start Dreaming

This mural was done in conjunction with Public Art Workz and Blight Busters. It’s located in an alley in Woodbridge bounded by the streets of Warren, Trumbull, Commonwealth and Hancock. The alley runs north and south parallel to Trumbull/Commonwealth. Supplies and the building site were generously funded by Larry John who owns and manages many rental properties throughout Woodbridge.

The design of the mural was designed by Chris Everhart of the Silent Giants and painted by Philip Lauri, Chazz Miller, Dom Jean-Michel, Nick Jaroch and a bunch of folks walking around town that wanted to grab a brush and join the fun.


  • Mural Design: Chris Everhart of Silent Giants
  • Paint crew: Nick Jaroch, Chazz Miller, Philip Lauri, passersby
  • Paint provided by Larry John,