Mural: We Kahn Do It!

This is maybe our favorite mural. Maaaaaybe. It is located in New Center at Brush and Milwaukee. The “Kahn” reference refers to the fact that while looking at the mural wall, three Albert Kahn buildings are seen in the background off to the right. Albert Kahn, “the architect of Detroit” as they called him, is one of the most respected industrial architects of his time.

The design of the wall was done by Philip Lauri and Nick Jaroch. The wall was, at the time, generously provided by Patrick Thompson, proprietor of Patrick Thompson Design. He no longer owns the building, but it is for sale, and in the listing they reference “the iconic Kahn mural” which is sort of a fun pat on the back.


  • Design: Philip Lauri, Nick Jaroch
  • Painting: Nick Jaroch, Chazz Miller, Kelly from Golden Sign Co.
  • Wall provided by Patrick Thompson and Christopher Damico