Con Security Trailer

Con Security

Welcome to Youmacon– an anime convention with costumes, concerts, celebrities and sing-alongs. It’s all-ages. It’s all-entertaining. And, for some, it’s an all-out party. Enter Owen Matson, the shifu at the Detroit Kung Fu Academy. It’s his mission to organize and deploy his students in such a way that makes sure the event is safe and fun for all. They’re not police. They’re not paid. They’re volunteers with wits instead of weapons. This is how zen keeps the peace.

Coming soon to film festivals in 2019!


  • Production Company: Three Words
  • Director: Steven Oliver, Logan Siegel
  • Executive Producer: Philip Lauri
  • Producer: June Bae, Steven Oliver, Logan Siegel
  • Director of Photgraphy: Logan Siegel
  • Camera: Grayson Beras, Cammeron Nealey, Steven Oliver, Everett Stewart, Stephen Wasko
  • Aerial footage: Motor City Copters
  • Editor: June Bae
  • Audio: Phil Steur