Fighting Mullets Hockey Stick Wax

Everyone knows the number one ingredient in a good hockey player is a rock solid mullet, right? What you probably didn’t know is that it’s also the secret sauce for the best hockey stick wax, too.  This three-video series was produced for Fighting Mullets Hockey Stick Wax social media. How else to let people know how FM sources their naturally cool, 100% authentic, one-of-a-kind wax? (No mullets were harmed in the making of these videos.)


  • Client: Fighting Mullets Hockey Stick Wax
  • Agency: Shinebox
  • Art Director: Dan Councilor
  • Writer: Dan Birney
  • Production Company: Three Words
  • Director: Steven Oliver
  • Executive Producer: Philip Lauri
  • Producer: Brian Mettler
  • Cinematography: June Bae
  • Editorial: Jason Stratton
  • Music: Black Echo, Jeff Beverly
  • Color: Cathel Color Company
  • Colorist: John Cathel