Tom Steyer: My Faith

Part two (have a look at part one if you like) of a documentary series focusing on the candidacy of Tom Steyer for President.

Faith is quite the hot topic in the run for America’s presidency. You might be surprised when you hear Tom’s unique approach.


  • Client: Tom 2020
  • Creative Director: Dave Dawson
  • Client Producer: Amanda McPhillips
  • Production Company: Three Words
  • Director: David Casey
  • Executive Producer: Philip Lauri
  • Producer: Sam Osterhout, Steven Oliver, David Casey
  • Writer: Sam Osterhout
  • Director of Photography: Scott Stonebeck
  • Audio recordist: Kevin Walker
  • Editor: Charlie Kelly
  • Assistant Editor: Darren Clark
  • Audio Mixing, Design: Phil Steuer
  • Colorist: William Jennings