Wolverine Packing: Celebrating 80 Years

Wolverine Packing came to us wanting to celebrate 80 years in business with a deep dive in to the heart and soul of the company: their employees.  Our objective was simple: create a doc-style film that could be used to help them recruit new employees.

Never heard of Wolverine?  Well, if you’ve eaten a Five Guys or Red Robin hamburger anywhere in the world, then you’ve done business with them.  Six of the top ten burger joints in America get their meat from them.


  • Client: Wolverine Packing
  • Client Producer: Lisa Cunningham
  • Production: Three Words
  • Director: Steven Oliver
  • Producer: Philip Lauri
  • Cinematography: Steven Oliver, June Bae
  • Editorial: June Bae
  • Audio Mix: Tim Douglas
  • Color: William Jennings